Individual Counseling

  • In person: Individual sessions held in the Healing Space office for adults and youth ages 10 and up

  • Video Session: Individual sessions held via a confidential video link that is easy to use right from your phone or computer. Sessions can be held from any location however it is up to the client to ensure that the location is private on their end.

Meditation/ Mindfulness Instruction

  • Individual: One- on- one meditation or mindfulness instruction for beginner to practiced meditator. Instruction will be tailored to your practice and needs.

  • Group Meditation: Privately led meditation for groups of any size. Meditations can be tailored to your groups needs.

  • Mindfulness Workshop: Privately led mindfulness workshop intended to introduce participants to the benefits of mindfulness including formal and informal practices. Can be offered as one event or a series.

Home Organization

  • Therapeutic: For those who could use assistance with organization but would also like to learn skills for continued organization moving forward. Also appropriate for those who may feel an emotional block or trigger when organizing or cleaning out their space.

  • Organization only: Need help organizing your home but don’t have the time or interest to do it? We provide basic home organization tailored to your needs